How To Use Parkinsons-Go

Parkinsons-Go is an event calendar. We do not run any of the events listed.

To find an event

To see the listings of events in your state, choose your state from the drop down menu or the map on the home page. Events are listed chronologically.

To get event details

To get more details about an event, click the plus (+) sign on the right side of the event listing. For full location and contact information, after clicking the plus (+) sign, click Read more on the right side of the event.

To RSVP to an event

Go to the event. Click the Read more button to get full information. Call or email to event contact.

To submit an event

Click Add Event in the menu bar at the top of the page. On the Add Event page, click the Post Event button. Fill in the form in its entirety. If the event occurs on a regular basis include that information in the Description field of the form.